Catholic Distance University partners with the Catholic Medical Association to offer the following independent study course to its members:

CMA—Another Doctor at Calvary

In this stunning 8-lesson course, Dr. Thomas McGovern interprets the Passion of Jesus Christ in light of both contemporary history and medical science answering many questions long debated by experts.  Using contemporary medical knowledge, Dr. McGovern builds on, completes and in a few cases corrects the findings of the classic but out of date work by Dr. Pierre Barbet A Doctor at Calvary. Register Now


“Knowing what I believe and what the basis of those teachings and beliefs is has helped me immensely. I work full time and absolutely needed the asynchronous format where I could work on the courses when I had time during the day, weeks or months, etc. I could not fit a traditional face-to-face course format into my schedule.”–Dr. Angelo Giardino, MA (Theology)