Philosophy General Education

Twelve credits in Philosophy are required either through transfer credit or through the following courses offered by CDU. Courses listed below are 8 weeks long.


Course Number Course Title Credits
PHIL 205 Introduction to Philosophy with Plato and Aristotle 3
PHIL 235 Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Person 3
PHIL 260/THEO 280 Catholic Bioethics (new in Summer 2023) 3
PHIL 311 Ethics 3
PHIL 315 Metaphysics 3
PHIL 320 Modern Philosophy (new in Fall 2023) 3
PHIL 330 Contemporary Philosophy (new in Summer 2023) 3
PHIL 340 See for Yourself: An Introduction to Epistemology 3
PHIL 370 The Nature of Nature: An Introduction to a Catholic Philosophy of Science 3