Elizabeth Shaw, PhD

About Elizabeth Shaw, PhD

Elizabeth Shaw, who also serves as Interim Provost, received a BS in mathematics from Georgetown University, and an MA and PhD in philosophy from The Catholic University of America, with a specialty in American philosophy. Dr. Shaw teaches philosophy at The Catholic University of America and is associate editor of the quarterly journal The Review of Metaphysics.

Dr. Shaw’s publications include Social Justice Isn’t What You Think It Is (2015; Michael Novak and Paul Adams, coauthors) and three edited volumes: Interpretations: Using the Past to Understand the Present (2018; essays by Jude P. Dougherty), An American and Catholic Life: Essays Dedicated to Michael Novak (2015), and The Myth of Romantic Love and Other Essays (2013; essays by Michael Novak). She is also the author of several scholarly articles, reviews, and book chapters.

PhD (Philosophy – Specialty – American Philosophy) The Catholic University of America, Washington DC

Area of Teaching Specialization: Philosophy

Course Level: Undergraduate and Graduate

Courses Taught: PHIL 205 Introduction to Plato and Aristotle; PHIL 311 Ethics; PHIL 315 Metaphysics; PHIL 508 Philosophy for Theology