Michael Miotto

About Michael Miotto

Michael Miotto is a business-focused IT Executive with a consistent track record of adding business value and competitive differentiation enabled by state-of-the-art IT capabilities.

Mr. Miotto has experience in several industries: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Higher Education, Retail,

and Financial Services. In all cases, he has kept organizations at the forefront of IT innovation and digitization. He has a track record of developing strong IT capabilities by executing best practices in organizational development around people, processes, and technology.

Most recently Mr. Miotto led Ford Motor Company through the current Industry 4.0 revolution by enabling Industrial IoT, Cloud Computing, Virtual/Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, fueled by big data and analytics.

He has served as CIO at American Public University Systems (NASDAQ: APEI), which is one of the largest online universities in the U.S. He was CIO of Credit Acceptance Corporation (NASDAQ: CACC), which is one of the largest sub-prime automotive finance companies in the U.S. Mr. Miotto also held CTO roles at e-Chemicals (Internet Start-Up), MRM (NYSE: IPG) Digital Ad Agency, and Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) as Head of Advanced Technology and Enterprise Architecture.