Frequently Asked Questions

To take courses at CDU, the student needs a computer or tablet with an Internet connection and web browser. For courses with audio or video, Adobe flash or a media player may be needed. For academic courses with final exams, a camera and microphone are needed for the proctoring service.  A printer is also strongly encouraged. Please see the Canvas guide for system requirements for our online campus.

Yes, CDU has been accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, a nationally recognized accrediting agency, continuously since 1986. As CDU grows and increases its educational offerings, its Board of Trustees is committed to pursuing full regional and programmatic accreditation. As a result, CDU has initiated the process of seeking candidate status with the Higher Learning Commission, its local regional accrediting agency. HLC will conduct a comprehensive evaluation on April 23-24, 2018 to determine whether CDU should be awarded candidacy. The team’s recommendation is subject to additional HLC review and decision-making. Therefore, no further information will be provided until HLC’s Board of Trustees makes a final decision on the award of candidacy. The award of candidacy does not assure the eventual award of accreditation.

Once in the online campus, students can access courses via their dashboard.  Each course has a home page that helps students navigate to welcome area, the course syllabus, and weekly modules.  Students also have access to the Student Life area and the Library.  Online help is available 24/7.

International students seeking admission must present an English evaluation (not just a translation) of their credentials. An English translation differs from an English evaluation in that the evaluation refers to the quality of the foreign school attended, the equivalency of the student’s coursework to the CDU degree, and the equivalency of the student’s international scores into a U.S. equivalent grade.  There are several recognized agencies throughout the country that provide this service. It typically costs around $100.   There are no additional fees assessed for international students to take courses at CDU.

Yes!  Students can register for term courses as long as they have the academic prerequisites to do so.

If you know you have a mycdu account, you may not have entered the correct login information so try again and if you get the same message, to resend the login credentials.  If you are new to CDU, you may not have fully completed your initial registration.  In this case, go to and complete the registration form with the login you created so you can then proceed with course registration.  If you need your login credentials, contact to have them resent.

The course instruction is in the online campus and you must set up a user name and password to access the campus.  The campus can be accessed from the home page of and from your MyCdu portal.

Students who are interested in earning a graduate degree or certificate need to possess a Bachelor’s level degree or higher but a theology background is not required.

CDU does not mail out printed marketing or admissions materials.   We strive to keep our website updated on a regular basis.  Online applications to all of our programs, curriculum content and course offerings are available via

Check the term in the upper left corner of the mycdu portal and make sure you are in the right term.  You can change the term by clicking change term link to select the appropriate term.

If this is your first time entering MyCDU, turn off your pop-up blocker for our site by choosing one of the following, depending on which Internet browser you use:

  • For Internet Explorer: Go to the Tools menu > Internet Options > Privacy Tab and un-check the box.
  • For Firefox in Windows: Go to the Tools menu > Options > Content and un-check the box.
  • For Firefox on Mac: Go to the Firefox menu > Preferences > Content and un-check the box.
  • For Safari: Go to the Action menu (the gear icon) and uncheck “Block Pop-up windows.”

Access to the CDU online Library is available to all enrolled students via CANVAS.  Links to the Library can be found on the left sidebar of each course.   Students can access the library orientation and library plan once in the online Library.