Charles H. Rieper, PhD

About Charles H. Rieper, PhD

Charles H. Rieper earned a BA in Economics from the University of South Dakota, from which he graduated cum laude in 1985. He was also Phi Beta Kappa at that institution. He earned an MA in History in 1993 from The Ohio State University of South Dakota and a PhD in History from the same institution in 1995. His research interests are the history of U.S. and European diplomacy and domestic US political and economic history. His doctoral dissertation analyzed the interplay of political, military, and economic considerations and how they influenced U.S. financial diplomacy during the Vietnam War. Dr. Rieper also has extensive experience teaching undergraduates in U.S. history.

BA (Economics), University of South Dakota
MA (History), Ohio State University of South Dakota
PhD (History),  Ohio State University of South Dakota

Area of Teaching Specialization: History

Course Level: Undergraduate

Courses Taught: Ancient Civilization; Christian Civilization; A Global Civilization; Thesis Direction; Church History I; Church History II; History of the Catholic Church in America