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Enrollment in fall classes is underway at Catholic Distance University, which is waiving the application fee through the end of 2022 to give students a break during these tough economic times. Students appreciate CDU’s 8-week-long online courses, affordable tuition, and faithfully Catholic focus. The university is also known for its exceptional faculty, personalized approach to education, and small class sizes.

According to the U.S. Department of Education’s College Affordability and Transparency list, CDU falls in the lowest 10% for tuition rates among 4-year not-for-profit universities nationwide.

Once admitted, students can begin classes in either the Fall I term, which starts on August 22nd, or the Fall II term, which begins on October 24th.

 Because all of CDU’s programs offered online, students living at home have no room and board costs to pay, and many choose to work part-time while attending. All of these factors help CDU students earn their degrees while avoiding the debt that has become so common in higher education today. Because classes have no set meeting times, students can manage work and family responsibilities while completing coursework at times that fit their schedules.

 Unlike many universities, CDU allows students to begin taking courses part-time. Students may choose to begin with one or two classes. Fall is the perfect time to begin or continue earning college credits! For more information, or to apply for free and enroll in the fall terms, click the “Apply Now” button at the top of the page or contact admissions director Todd Nolan at


Double Graduate Shares God’s Love through Missionary Work

Emily Rybak, who is an apostolate of the missionaries of the Servant Sisters, earned both her AA and BA degrees at CDU and has been accepted into the MA in Theology program. “Every course formed my intellect in a particular way in which my heart was then able to connect the paradoxical reality of coming to know Christ more fully while simultaneously growing in awe of the mystery He is,” she says. “All of the courses and  faculty members were excellent and truly work to engage the students in cultivating a  rich and vibrant understanding of academics in light of the beauty of the Church.”

Emily says that her education has prepared her in numerous ways for her work, “but the focal point is Christ. CDU truly emphasizes that in the midst of science, philosophy,  literature, logic, idiomatics, history, morality, theology, soteriorology, and so forth, Christ is the center of it all. If Christ is the center of everything I pursue, including academics, then I can rest assured that my work will bear good, holy fruit.”

Emily was prompted to do missionary work with the Servant Sisters after an experience she had before the Blessed Sacrament nearly four years ago. She was in adoration one day and had a vivid and powerful desire to encounter Christ more fully and, in turn, love Him better. “When I expressed this to The Lord and placed this desire in His hands, He

opened the eyes of my heart in a particular way, and in doing so, I began to see Him all  the more in the individuals I would encounter everyday,” she says. “I fell in love with His presence in others and recognized the immense ways in which He was inviting me to  love Him in others.”

Emily’s work is wide ranging. She says, “I have the immense privilege of serving our brothers and sisters in Christ on various levels, such as in the pro-life field, substance  abuse recovery centers, teaching religious education, retreats and formation meetings focused on the youth, and media platforms (such as the Promethean Perspective Podcast) that engage families to embrace the gift of the domestic church, as well as numerous other opportunities to console, strengthen, and tend to the Body of Christ.”

As in all things, there are always challenges, but when challenges are met with love, they can become great joys. “The poverty of a missionary life produces the gift of  interior freedom, the freedom to follow Christ when He calls,” Emily explains. “The joy of laying one’s life down out of love for God and neighbor produces a peace that is never based upon the daily circumstances but on how Christ is inviting us to trust Him in the midst of it all.”

She sees the study of theology as a vibrant experience of appreciating truth, goodness, and beauty all bound together. “I learned all the more who I was, but moreover, who I am in light of who God is. There is nothing more good, true, or beautiful that I could do with my life than to share the power of God’s love with the world or maybe even just one lost soul. We were made for greater things, not grander but greater, and often those things come by way of a humble joyful soul focused on Christ,” Emily says.

Emily, one of six siblings, was born and raised on a farm in the valley of the Blue Ridge  Mountain Range on the east coast. “The daily commitment of farm work and the  consistency of the wholesome lifestyle therein focuses and disciplines you in numerous ways, particularly because you recognize you are part of something larger, a team effort,” she says. “This ‘farmer strong’ mentality applies to many areas of life and was a great gift that I received from my childhood. My parents did an excellent job in cultivating a flourishing domestic church, and having this consistency as a youth was crucial to my formation. Consistency in that which is virtuous is key for holiness and is a golden thread that teaches you to embrace sanctity day by day, moment by moment, out of love for Christ.”

She looks forward to earning her MA degree in Theology. “This privilege will only unlock more doors through which I can walk and serve Him all the more!” Emily says.

Making the Case for Christ Seminar Offered in August

Join us from August 8th through August 29th for an online seminar: Making the Case for Christ. This three-week online apologetics seminar will help you strengthen your faith and develop objective and persuasive reasons for belief that are valuable for sharing with those who may doubt the historical reality, divinity, or resurrection of Jesus. The seminar will also help attendees better perform the Spiritual Works of Mercy to “counsel the doubtful” and “educate the uninformed.”

Join Us for a Free Open House Webinar!

Join us for an Open House Webinar on Tuesday, May 3rd, from 6-7 pm ET to learn more about CDU’s online degree and certificate programs. You’ll meet dean Dr. Peter Brown, professors Dr. Carole Brown and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, Student Life director Mary McKay, and librarian Stephanie Garrett. You’ll also have a chance to ask questions during a live Q&A session and be entered in a raffle to win free CDU gear and a book written by one of our professors! Join us to learn more about what sets CDU apart from other online universities.

Join us for a Free, Live Open House on May 3rd!

Are you looking for a theology program that is 100% faithful to the Church, 100% online and easily fits into your busy schedule? Then sign up for our Online Open House being held Tuesday, May 3, at 6 p.m. (EDT).

This event will introduce you to our different theology degree and certificate programs so you can choose the right program for you.

You’ll also get:

  • A chance to hear from our admissions director, dean, director of student life, and professors about what sets CDU apart from other online universities.
  • An overview of several fascinating courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels that will introduce you to the
    study of theology.
  • Information on transferring credits, ensuring you a smooth transition into our program, and the opportunity to finally finish your undergraduate
  • An overview of the online Student Life Center, where you’ll obtain resources to help you successfully complete your degree.
  • A Q&A session with our dean, professors, and staff.

Be sure to stick around until the end of the webinar, where you’ll have a chance to win free CDU gear and books by our professors!

The event will last about 40-50 minutes, and it’s completely free. Once you’re through, you’ll be well-positioned for an easy transition into one of our online theology degree programs.

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